JUMPSHOT - the professionally crafted FPS game


JUMPSHOT is a action, FPS, parkour game. Try to save humanity from the ruthless AI that have taken control over the planet. Use your handy gadgets and gun to maneuver around levels and enemies. The professionally crafted game design is what makes the game satisfying to play. Shops and levels can make you feel like you have achived something wonderful. Every single detail is professionally designed, prototyped, then crafted.


JUMPSHOT revolutionizes shooting by creating a extremely accurate invisible ray called a RayCast. Then, it uses a small effect, some particles, and a little camera shake to produce a realistic effect - every time you shoot. JUMPSHOT's shooting realism comes from animations and particles - the game has over 50 animations and over 1500 particles rendered every second! That's what you call realistic.


JUMPSHOT's movement design is stunning. Every single move you make is satisfying and re-enforced with accuracy. The accuracy and realism comes from the movement design. JUMPSHOT mimics real life by using realistic artifical physics and gravity. It also uses RayCasts to accurately process your position and momentum, keeping steps and slopes equally satisfying and snappy.

Story and Levels

JUMPSHOT also has a lot of story and levels. The beautifully made levels make you feel like you are part of the main story. With over 180 full levels, 90 side levels, and 5 chapters to unlock, JUMPSHOT will leave you playing for a long time. The difficulty of each level is carefully designed so that it is not too difficult, or too easy. There are also some sandbox levels which let you experiment and improve upon your skills.

The Shop

The Shop in JUMPSHOT is where you buy new guns gadgets or upgrading your current ones. There are over 5 weapons, and over 7 upgradable aspects. The Shop showcases over 5 different types of gadgets, ranging from movement gadgets like the grapple gun or the hookshot, accuracy gadgets like the Scope and the Crosshair Shrinker, and attack gadgets, like Riptide or the Taser.


Gadgets in JUMPSHOT take gameplay to a whold new level. Whether swinging across platforms with the grapple gun, sniping with the Scope, or electrcuting enemies with the Taser, each gadget gives you the opportunity to complete the level in different ways, making the game more fun.

Planned to release in June 2021